Smart data capture software for audit and operational controls
The Code Clinic’s software for audit and monitor information management
Designed for mobile data capture to standardize and automate your audit procedures, conduct mobile audits and monitoring services, get internal reports within minutes and get your management information on demand.
Audit Management Software for Assurance led businesses
Everyone has different priorities and objectives for their business. We can create solutions tailored to your exact requirements.
  • Facility Management: Audit tool for controlling multiple operations, sites, teams and vehicles.
  • Checklists and Audit Forms: Fully configurable templates for compliance and percentage based scoring models.
  • Skills Matrix Management: Map audits to auditor skillsets and key product categories to customer requirements.
"Ideal for auditing multiple operations and categories."

Additional features
  • Workflow Management: Configure audit activities to match organisational workflows
  • Mobile & Offline Audits: Android enabled devices, photo evidence support, immediate scoring recognition
  • Technical Review Summary: Features allow desk audit capabilities and QA review of audit report/non-conformances raised prior to release to site/client
  • Corrective Action Management: Manage corrective action processes for non-conformant responses including the upload of documented evidence to support due diligence, real-time monitoring and historical views as well as the ability to add root cause
  • Reporting: Dynamic reporting across frequency and quantitative results Dashboard Configurable to users with real-time reporting
  • Security: User permission driven to data level security access powered by Microsoft Azure a trusted cloud service

  • Monitoring service for business operational controls
    Monitoring is a critical risk management activity. It is one of five principal components of good risk management and control practices.
    We define monitoring to help ensure “that internal control continues to operate effectively.”
    • Monitoring daily health, hygiene, fire, safety, standards & policy controls
    • Mobile ready and simple to deploy to multiple sites and users
    • Prompts users to correct faults and provides escalation paths if unresolved
    • Cloud based, secure and transparent roles, rules and permissions service
    • Provides sites with a documented record that can support regulatory or legal compliance
    • Workflow driven with highly configurable checklists and task monitor
    • Results dashboard configured to users and sites
    • Export the data for internal management information systems and for due diligence evidence

    Bespoke specialised software development
    • Data capture software designed and tailored to your organization
    • Rapid prototype development for proof of concept
    • Project Management methodology of discover, define, develop and then deploy
    Description: The Code Clinic