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Smart Audit Management Software for Internal Audit
Standardise and automate your audit procedures, conduct mobile audits, get internal audit reports within minutes and get management information on demand.
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  • Facility Management = Audit tool for controlling multiple operations, sites, teams and vehicles.
  • Audit Forms = Fully configurable templates for compliance and percentage based scoring models.
  • Skills Matrix Management = Map audits to skillsets and key (stakeholder) product categories/customer requirements.
  • Workflow Management = Configure audit activities to match organisational workflows.
  • Mobile & Offline Audits = Android enabled devices, photo evidence support, immediate scoring recognition.
  • Technical Review Summary = Features allow desk audit capabilities and QA review of audit report/non-conformances raised prior to release to site/client.
  • Corrective Action Management = Manage corrective action processes for non-conformant responses including the upload of documented evidence to support due diligence, real-time monitoring and historical views as well as the ability to add root cause.
  • Reporting = Dynamic reporting across frequency and quantitative results with export capability.
  • Dashboard = Configurable to users with real-time reporting.
  • Security = User permission driven to data level security access powered by Microsoft Azure a trusted cloud service.
Description: Audit Hub 1
Audits are an important and essential part of managing food safety and quality risks to help control effectiveness within an organization. Our Audit Management Software simplifies the entire auditing process, from planning and scheduling to performing the audit to managing the corrective action process through to final approval. Informed data driven decisions from audits are vital to business critical operations. In addition to the existing internal audit requirements, food Auditors also need to be proactive with risk management and provide insights into external factors such as standards, client policies and relevant legislation (national regulations).
Description: Audit Hub 2
The AuditHub software helps reduce the risk of non-compliance and provides real-time insights into any potential operational problems or issues created by these sources. AuditHub supports all types of audits in your company including desktop audits, internal audits and mobile first and second party audits against your own standards or third party schemes, and displays the information gathered to user needs such as key staff, management and any other authorized users. Driven by user permissions and secure data areas, access to historical or on-going audits are controlled, compared and viewed on a dashboard. Managing the nonconformity process is essential and ensuring proof of action and task closure is regularly monitored via the software.
Description: Audit Hub 3
AuditHub can run audits at any time of the day or night and with any desired frequency and collects supporting evidence through photographs. The scheduling tool matches auditor competency to sites and operations, plans announced or unannounced visits and reporting can be configured to assess different risks. The Geo mapping tool illustrates location of the auditor to the site to help efficient resource planning.
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Why monitor with software?
  • Monitoring daily health, hygiene, fire, safety, standards & policy controls.
  • Mobile ready and simple to deploy to multiple sites and users.
  • Prompts users to correct faults and provides escalation paths if unresolved.
  • Cloud based, secure and transparent roles, rules and permissions service.
  • Workflow driven with highly configurable checklists and task monitor.
  • Results Dashboard configured to users and sites.
  • Export the data for internal management information systems and for due diligence evidence.
Description: Monitor Hub 1
Assessing the daily risks within your operations can be a time consuming activity, especially when managing multiple sites and teams. Our mobile cloud based monitoring software allows teams to collect data from pre-determined operational control points, react to the issues raised and aggregate the information to watch for risk trends. This service enhances the business need to show proper operation of controls to mitigate risks and staff are prompted to either rectify or escalate issues then and there. Checklist tasks can be set across different frequency periods and question sets can be varied to multiple sites and users. Dashboard reports are configured to highlight potential issues and information can be exported to support the due diligence process. Our team help you create the daily risk controls required, define the checklists, develop the frequency of monitoring and deploy with minimal user training via mobile or desktop devices.
Description: Monitor Hub 2
Checklists can be created by job function, site operation or process and can cover all areas of health and safety, fire risk, food quality and delivery and people competencies. Dashboards can provide real-time assistance to any potential risk and data can be exported for due-diligence records. MonitorHub can be used as a pre-audit checklist, as part of internal site and vehicle inspections or even for capturing seasonal employee information supporting compliance to the Modern Slavery Act.
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